Friday, December 14, 2012

Little Black Girl

A Little Black Girl sits in her chair all alone in her corner. She hangs her head down low as the darker skinned kids play and laugh behind her.
Two boys and two girls approach her and begin to tease:

"Light girl, Bright girl looking like a white girl!" All 4 darker boys and girls sing and dance around her laughing and pointing...

They ask :
Why is your hair so blonde? (one of them picking up her braids in disgust)

Little Black Girl answers:
Because that's the way I was born

They ask:
Why is your skin so white?

Little Black girl answers:
Because that's the way I was born

They say:
You're not black you're White! Stop trying to be like us!

Little Black girl answers:
But I am Black, I'm just like you! This is just the way I was born!

Tears roll down her eyes as she tries to run away from all the teasing, laughing and questioning.

While running away she bumps into her teacher Mrs.Rose.

Mrs.Rose was a tall long haired fare skinned beauty who loved and treated all of her students the same, and encouraged those that were down.

Mrs.Rose knelled down to wipe the tears from the Little Black girls face and said softly with encouragement:

"Now What are these tears for? No need to hang your head down. Hold your beauty and uniqueness Proud! You truly are a Beauty and one of a kind! You see my beauty; One day those who down you will praise you and look up to! Later they will understand you have your own beauty and grace!"
"Now wipe those tears away, smile and hold your head up high, for you truly are a Beautiful Little Black Girl!"

With a smile on both of their faces the Little Black Girl walked back inside with her head held high with grace.

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